Excursions a Cavall

I’ve been in Spain—Catalonia, about an hour north of Girona, specifically—since Sunday evening and I have to say, it’s really lovely. I’m spending spring break at a lodge called Can Jou with my roommate Natalie, where we get to ride every day, all our meals are included (and come with good red wine) and our private balcony looks out over the Pyrenées.

So obviously, it’s been miserable.

The riding is great; I hadn’t properly been riding in years, but I’m getting back into the swing of it (by which I mean that I’m no longer so sore I can’t move). It’s so much fun. My horse is a lovely mare named Lluvia, which means something in Spanish but I can’t remember what. I’ve even getting to practice my French, because one of the people in our tour (there are only four people) is a pharmacist from Lille who doesn’t speak very good English.

This post would be a lot more poignant with pictures, but the internet here isn’t that good, so I’m going to hold off on uploading those until I get home to London.

All the scenery is stunning, though. Today, we rode across a 25-meter high (that’s 82 feet, if you’re curious) Roman bridge and then had lunch on the rocks by the river underneath it. After lunch, we all relaxed (read: napped) and I now have a lovely sunburn on one side of my face. But seriously, we see loads of lovely views of the mountains every day, and ride past 15th century monasteries and even older churches; everything is gorgeous. The weather is great, too. It’s been in the high 60’s every day this week (that’s around 19ºC for any non-Americans reading this) and sunny.

Basically it’s awesome. I’m such a city girl at heart that I forgot how much I love being out in the mountains. This trip has been a great reminder.

Okay, I did forget to mention the one less-than-awesome thing, which is that we’re pretty sure Natalie fractured her little toe when she dropped her horse’s hoof on it yesterday. It was apparently all black, and you can still see the hoof marks on it, and she’s in pain. Not that it’s keeping her from riding, since that hurts less than walking anyway. But it’s definitely adding a level of danger to the trip. (Well, not really. But she’s taking a lot of ibuprofen and taping her toe.)


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One Response to Excursions a Cavall

  1. Russ says:

    Cuando es Lluvia es Llovizna. (Not the standard translation but I like “llovizna.”)
    Have fun; wish I were there.

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