It’s been ages since I updated, because I’m really terrible at keeping blogs like this, but there you are. I’m in Spain for a week now, but I spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Paris.

Thursday was kind of a mess; I accidentally booked the wrong hotel, so getting that all sorted was a hassle. But I explored Montmartre, which I’d never really done before. Every other time I’ve been to Paris, Sacré Coeur has been under construction, so getting to go in was new and exciting. It was a gorgeous, clear day, too; the view was incredible!

On Friday, I went to the Musée d’Orsay, which was just incredibly lovely, and then I walked along the Seine to the Quartier Latin and wandered around there for a while. Ended up having dinner at a restaurant on the Boulevard Saint Germain. Nothing too fancy, just some sort of potato and blue cheese concoction.

Saturday was the day where, by the end, I thought my feet were just going to remove themselves from my legs in protest. I went to the Louvre for a while; they lose points for not doing discount tickets for 18-25-year-olds from outside the EU (the Musée d’Orsay charged me 2.50€ less than the normal price). It was really awesome, though! Obviously, I appreciated it a lot more at 20 than I did at 8, though I blew off the Venus de Milo and the Code of Hammurabi because I’d already seen them. I couldn’t find the Caravaggios, though! I looked through so much Italian art and never did see them. Alas. There was a lot of really interesting stuff; I saw one Renoir painting that I’m totally certain was the same girls from the famous one at Orsay of two girls playing the piano, which was neat.

After the Louvre, I had lunch in the Jardin Tuileries and then went to the Galeries Lafayette, which was pretty incredible. I found some lovely $3,000 dresses I’d like, as well. Resisted buying them, though.

As always, I wasn’t quite read to leave Paris—it’s such an amazing city. Sitting at the little café with free wifi near my hotel in Montmartre on Friday night, I saw a woman twirling flaming batons! (I have a video and if you’re really interested, I can email it to you.)

There aren’t any pictures with this yet because I haven’t been through them all yet, but hopefully I’ll have time during this week in the middle of nowhere in Spain riding horses.


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2 Responses to Paris!

  1. Mallika says:

    May I have your life please? Sounds incredible 🙂

    Also I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again- spending spring break horseback riding sounds like the greatest thing ever.

  2. Lyn says:

    Maggie, it does sound like you are having a WONDERFUL time… glad you managed to resist the $3,000 dress… be careful on those horses in Spain!

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