here goes nothing!

Well, I wasn’t going to make a blog about being in London, but I’ve been here a week and already have quite a few people wanting to know everything that I’m up to and, frankly, I love you all dearly and I’m incredibly touched that you care, but I also don’t want to spent the next three months typing out the same email over and over.

So a blog seemed like the way to go.

I’m spending the semester in London, as anyone actually reading this probably already knows, through UNC’s Honors Semester in London Program. Hopefully, I’ll have a proper post about my first week up later tonight, but in the meantime here is some other miscellaneous contact information.

My address here is:

20 Bedford Place
Flat D

I have a twitter, @sketchingbirds, which I’m good about updating and checking (and I get @-replies texted to my UK mobile, so there’s that), but I would caution you against following it unless you can deal with my tweets about things like the TV shows I’m watching in addition to more general life updates.

You can obviously email me at (or any other email I’ve answered regularly in the recent past, frankly). I have a cell phone, and there’s a land line in the flat, but I can’t imagine any reason someone reading this would want those numbers. If you do, just let me know.


About sketchingbirds

This is my studying abroad in London blog!
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